• A completely dust free environment.
    *Sanding machines are fitted with dust collecting capabilities and our operators will endeavour to clean away sanding dust by vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. It is virtually impossible however to totally eliminate dust from the job. There will always be some atmospheric dust that will settle on the newly finished surface, this normally walks off in the first 2 weeks as it is only on the surface. There will be a small amount of fine sanding dust throughout the rest of the house, especially if an open plan layout house.
  • Removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the timbers.
  • Removal of stains within the boards and around nail holes such as nail rust, animal urine, glue stains from vinyl tiles and lino’s, and even water marks.
  • Filling gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinking and expansion in the timbers will cause cracking of the fillers used.
  • Do not expect areas filled with putty to have the same look and feel as the timber after the coating has been applied.


  • Any silicone on a floor will cause rejection of the polyurethane applied. Silicone can, and is found on Glaziers shoes, Plumber shoes. It is also found in hair sprays, ironing aids and insect sprays.
  • Halogen downlights (mini spots) produce hot spots and even a cobwebbing effect on a polished timber floor. You are more likely to be able to see fine sanding rings when viewed under halogen spots.
  • You will notice a slight sanding line on skirting boards. This is caused by the sanders edger. It is recommended to either fit a beading around the perimeter of the rooms to cover this mark, or leave the painting of the skirting’s and door frames until after the floors are finished.
  • You are likely to get some variation in colour and grain between new and older timbers.
  • Preparation for sanding and sealing your flooring!
  • If building or renovating, the start date for sanding the floors is critical, particularly in relation to other trades.
  • Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Glaziers, in fact, all trades must come before the floor sanders. Only the painters ideally come after the floors are finished.
  • Dempsey’s prefer all painting to be started after the floors have been polished. It is easier for the painters to cover the finished floors with drop cloths than trying to clean sanding dust off freshly painted walls and doors.
  • Any carpets that might be laid into other rooms should be laid at least 2 days after the final coat is applied to your timber floors. Carpet fibres will travel throughout the whole house, and settle on the floors.
  • All furniture should be removed prior to the floor sanders arrival. A charge might incur if time is spent moving furniture.
  • Gas and electrical appliances must be disconnected by qualified personnel and removed. All pilot lights, including hot water systems are to be turned off. Alternately, we can sand around these items if removal is not possible. Smoke alarm censors should be covered with paper and tape.
  • Adequate lighting and power to be available.
  • Fuse/Circuit Breaker box to be unlocked/open and accessible.
  • Clear and safe access to the worksite.
  • In many instances, alternative accommodation should be arranged. Bearing in mind the flooring, once coated cannot be walked on for at least three days. The solvent base polyurethane fumes can be offensive to some persons.
  • Seal any access areas such as fireplaces and air vents/air conditioners that could allow dust to enter the rooms. Use masking tape and newspaper.
  • Cover light fittings if not needed with plastic shopping bags.
  • If curtains are not removed, at least fold into large garbage bags and seal top with tape.
  • Sanding and sealing a beautiful timber floor is a skill that is acquired over many years. Please bear in mind that all the work achieved is done by hand controlled machines and applicators. There will be evidence of this in the floors.
  • As you live on the floors it will gain a character and a feel that is unique to your home. This is all part of the beauty of owning a timber floor.
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  • On 28/11/2016
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